Communications is the key to success in many different aspects of society. Networking is the establishment of efficient and effective communications links between mission critical equipment and the users of that equipment, regardless of their relative geographic locations and the quantity or type of data being transmitted.

iCON has been designing and installing high quality data and voice networks since 2009. These networks cover the entire spectrum of networking platforms.  We have done everything from connecting a few PC's to share data in a single room, to hundreds of PC's in multiple buildings. We have connected PC's to UNIX systems, IBM mainframes via token ring, and AS/400 systems with emulation.  We've linked multiple buildings with high capacity underground fiber optic cable. We have connected plant floors with dozens of pieces of machinery to a windows server via a fiber network in order to collect data for production planning.  We have also connected businesses with multiple locations to each other using point-to-point microwave wireless and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) via the Internet.

In short as far as networking is concerned iCON has done it all.  You can put our expertise to use to answer all of your data communications questions and problems.

Strategic Partners

iCON is one of the leading companies in Afghanistan who has Strategic business relationships with top International companies such as: UNION TELECOM, CISCO, VSAT PLUS, CANON, SIEMENS, POLYCOM, HID, ASIX, XEROX, INDEX, INMOBI, AVIRA and NEWGE. iCON is committed to demonstrate its strong passion for customer care, delivering not only the best technology solutions, but also making good business decisions to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer quality customer service and on-going proactive and reactive support

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